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Just me freaking out about sewing because that's my coping mechanism for dealing with/ignoring the fact that our country is going to hell in a handbasket.

I keep wanting to sew ALL THE THINGS, and while I technically have the time to accomplish what I want, I'm worried about whether or not that's good for my hand...

The next event I'm going to is an18th c tea. I was perfectly content to wear all things I already have and finish up the last bit of a black silk mantle I started. But then I thought it might be a good reason to finish my new stays from the workshop last November. And then I thought a big black bonnet would be fun...

The next event a month after that is one where I said I'd be interpreting dressmaking. Fortunately or unfortunately, working in the millinery shop has made me accustomed to having a whole shop's worth of inventory to interpret with, which is such a luxury and an incredibly handy tool. When I interpreted a milliner for the 1820s event, I sewed my butt off to create a pretty decent spread. But all of the clothes I have from the era of the event I feel are a bit too posh for the setting, and I'd need/want to make some things to have on display. I'd love to have a chemisette, petticoat, and spencer to show, but I still have to make my gown for the event. AND a straw bonnet.

Finally, I'm consumed with the desire to make another 16th/early 17th century petticoat because I have this awesome madder-dyed wool from the weavers at CW. In making my 1560s outfit for faire, I wanted to take in my current petticoat bodies because the idea of wearing so many layers on my upper body (petticoat bodies, kirtle bodies, and gown) was making me terrified that I'd look like a stuffed sausage. The bodies as they were almost completely closed, so I thought if I took in an inch or two, I'd be able to cinch in a little tighter and not look so bulky. Well now they're too small... I can still wear them but they're not as comfortable as they were (and they were very comfortable!). If I want a new petticoat for this year's faire, it has to be done before the middle of May. Along with the gown, partlet (with ruff) and hood... The kirtle I just made should still fit over a slightly bigger petticoat because it laces at both side back seams.

Anyway... I've almost finished my kirtle for my 1560s outfit for faire! It just needs a hem. It's worn over my red wool petticoat (see last paragraph behind the cut...)

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On March 13th, 2017 04:36 am (UTC), starlightmasque commented:
Oh, wow! That looks marvelous! Your waist is so super tiny, it makes all your costumes look amazing!
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On March 14th, 2017 06:57 am (UTC), theladyrebecca commented:
I really like that kirtle! Your fit is so good, and the simplicity of it seems like you could pull off wearing it as a modern dress, over a t-shirt, just like you are in the pictures. :)
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